Jeroen van den Berg · Fri, 10 Aug, 2018 - 21:46
String lights curtain hanging from a high ceiling

Is your hotel an Instagram star material?  

Smart hotels know they need to make the most of their facilities to drive footfall and occupancy. Relying on OTAs and tour operators is all good and well in certain locations and for certain classes of properties. But when you manage a luxury property in a great location, you have so many more options to choose from it would be rude not to get more creative. 

A great example comes from the new Iberostar Grand Portals Nous. A brand new property, set directly on the lush coast in the South of Mallorca, designed by Marcel Wanders, is absolutely perfectly positioned to become an Instagram star. 

The management team decided to play to its strengths, open doors to local residents and let them become ambassadors for the hotel and brand. 

The idea is to raise the awareness of the hotel via social media in a very organic way. 

Here is one way to do it. Let's say you decide to start selling your hotel experiences via your own online shop or a marketplace like The experiences are bought by affluent local residents. If your property has adequate wow-factor (and we really only work with the ones which do), the local residents will want to brag about having had a dinner or afternoon tea or a spa day there. They will buy treats for themselves or as gifts for friends, they will take pictures while there, and they will post them on their social media.

This becomes advertising for you in the best possible form: natural, organic and free. Actually, better than free: you are actually generating more revenue by selling treats in the first place.

We've also seen hotels increase sales to business clients in a similar way. Let's assume Jane buys a treat for herself at your hotel (or better still, she receives it as a gift). Jane comes to the hotel and has a fantastic time because that's what your team is best at providing. While there, she gets to see your facilities up close.

Next time she organises her company conference, event, or needs to recommend a hotel to a business partner coming to town, guess which hotel she will think of first?


Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash