Your safety is of highest priority to us, and the hotels we work with. While we go through this crisis together, we will always have your best interest at heart.

Here are a few key information: 

  • The vast majority of the vouchers we sell are valid for a year. This means if you purchase a voucher today, you will have plenty of time to use it once we are back to normal
  • We are currently working with hotels to extend the validity of vouchers even more, in these unprecedented times
  • If your voucher is about to expire and you would like to use it at a later date, please contact the hotel directly to arrange an extension

Let's do something good together!

  • Local hotels are the backbone of our economy and are under immense pressure right now. Buying vouchers from them now is one of the ways in which you can help. Not only will you be helping the hotels' cash flow, but also saving jobs in your area, and having an impact on the wider economy. All that, purely by committing to enjoy an amazing experience sometime in the next year! 

Our commitment

  • If you own, manage or work in a hotel, restaurant, spa, golf course, beach club, or any other facility that relies on visitors, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to create an online shop for your business to sell gift vouchers and help your cashflow, FREE OF CHARGE. We are here to help!