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In our current time, appearance plays an important role. Stress, hectic lifestyle and pressure leave their marks on the skin and put greater strain on our body. Medical Beauty at Steigenberger Camp de Mar has designed a concept that combines several therapies to achieve size reduction, improve blood circulation and body contouring. By combining different modern techniques, such as CPT radiofrequency, cryotherapy (cryolipolysis) and pressotherapy, you can achieve a reduction in localized cellulite and fat depots of your body.

Body Contouring Treatments to choose from:

RADIAL ENDODERM THERAPY & RADIOFREQUENCY Stimulate your skin to achieve excellent results.

The latest and most efficient methods of modern cosmetic technology (RDT® & CPT ) have been combined through the development of new equipment, so that it is possible to heat the deeper and most superficial skin layers at the same time. This allows for the regeneration of subcutaneous tissue at the same time as tightening it and the skin to increase the metabolism and strengthen capillary vessels. Due to the improved supply of nutrients and oxygen, trace elements and important enzymes, the appearance of the skin becomes more elastic, smoother and younger.


Pressotherapy is a computer controlled device based on the principles of manual drainage. The release and com- pression of the various vascular and lymphatic structures during drainage immediately improves blood circulation along with nutrient elements and the elimination of liquids and metabolic waste products. This leads to edema reductions, the stimulation of immune system, the improvement of cellular immunity and a reduction of scars and cellulite.


Cryolipolysis is a process developed by dermatologists. Such treatment always follows an individual consultation with an anamnesis. Unwanted fatty tissue is sucked in and cooled down with the help of a vacuum device. The cold treatment leads to targeted energy deprivation, causing an apoptosis of the cells’ metabolism which leads into a destruction of fat cells. During the first ten minutes, you might notice the beginning of the treatment and also a slightly cold feeling. After 60 minutes, during which you will have enjoyed the treatment in a relaxed way, the device will be removed and the therapy ended. A lightly reddened and hardened area remains immediately afterwards, but a final massage works away fat tissues and looses the hardening.


  • 30 min Radial Endoderm Therapy (To improve lymphatic circulation, treat cellulite and stimulate metabolism)


  • 30 min CPT Radiofrequency & Radial Endoderm Therapy (This provides the maximum effect in the shortest period of time. CPT radio frequency in combination with radial endoderm therapy ensures firm and smooth skin in the shortest possible time for a perfect result for body contouring and modeling and is particularly suitable for the definition of thighs, hips and abdominal area)


  • 60 min Pressotherapy 60 (Pressotherapy offers both a preventive and a curative therapy for all the areas to be treated)


  • 2 Areas or 4 Areas of Cryolipolysis


Medical Beauty: daily from 10:00 till 19:00


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