Liza Yakovleva · 10 aug, 2020

Top 5 Best Beaches in Mallorca

most beautiful beaches in mallorca

Mallorca is a gorgeous island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with more than 250 beaches surrounding it. If you are only visiting Mallorca for a few days, of course, it is impossible to check out all of them. We have made the job easy for you and selected the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca that are very popular among locals. Take a look at our selection of the 5 “must-see” beaches in Mallorca, and why you must see them.

Best Beach to go with children in Mallorca - Playa de Alcudia

Playa de Alcudia Mallorca

Playa de Alcudia beach is is a beautiful long white-sand beach in Mallorca. With beautiful blue water, shallow entry and lots of pine trees and palm trees that create shadow, it’s a perfect beach in Mallorca to go with the whole family. Don’t forget to bring the picnic with you!

Location: 40 mins away from Palma. North of the island. 

Best way to get there: by car or bus. Easy access through the highway from Palma. Easy to find parking. 

Nice places around it: stop by a 5* Boutique Hotel Son Brull

Calo des Moro Mallorca

Best Beach for Instagram Photos in Mallorca - Calo des Moro

The famous Calo des Moro beach must have become the official post card of Mallorca. Located on the South-East of the island, this small and cozy beach with crystal-clear water attracts all the bloggers and beauty-lovers from all over the world. The beach is fantastic for snorkelling. But be prepared that it gets packed pretty quickly in the morning and the beach is not so big. 

Location: 1 hour away from Palma. South-East of the island, not far from a beautiful village of Santanyi.

Best way to get there: by car. There is a big parking lot for cars. Be ready to walk 20 minutes from the parking lot to the beach.

Nice places around it: stop by for a breakfast or a day pass at Blau PortoPetro

Best Beach for Snorkelling in Mallorca - Maioris

scuba diving mallorca

If you are into snorkelling of scuba diving, the visit Maioris in Mallorca. Mairoris offers incredible underwater sea views with lots of fishes, corals and other sea animals. You can book a snorkelling class in Mallorca or just bring a mask and discover the underwater life while snorkelling in Maioris. To get to the water, be ready for a quick but steep 5-minute climb down the rocks.

Location: 25 mins away from Palma. South of the island. 

Best way to get there: by car, type Mhares Sea Club on the map. There is free parking, but it gets full quickly in the morning. 

Nice places around it: enjoy a relaxing pool day pass with fantastic sea views at Mhares Sea Club

Nudist beach in Mallorca

Best Beach for Nudists in Mallorca - Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of the most iconic beaches in Mallorca. Es Trenc is a well-known nudist beach in Mallorca, but if you want to keep your bikini on, you can, no worries. The beach is long and sandy and is divided into the nudist and regular parts. So you can come with the whole family or just with your loved one.

Location: 55 mins away from Palma. South of the island. 

Best way to get there: by car. There is a big parking right by the beach, which costs 7 euros per car. 

Nice places around it: after the beach enjoy a drink on the roof top or dinner at Hotel Honucai

Best Beach for fishing in Mallorca - Cala Deía

fishing in Mallorca

Looking for places to go fishing in Mallorca? Then go to Cala Deía. Be ready for a long curvy road on the way there, but we promise you will not be disappointed when you arrive.

Location: 50 mins away from Palma. West of the island. 

Best way to get there: by car. It can be difficult to find parking there, but it’s also good to go fishing early in the morning!

Nice places around it: the gorgeous 5* Jumeirah Hotel is located not far in Port de Soller.