Jeroen van den Berg · 10 feb, 2020

Gift voucher shop specifically for hotel chains

Unico gift vouchers

Creating an online shop for an individual hotel is a fairly straightforward process. But what if you have multiple properties in various locations, each with their own individual branding? 

Unico Hotels turned to Hotel Treats with this exact challenge. As a Spanish collection of luxury lifestyle hotels, Unico was looking to create: 

  • One online gift voucher shop for each of their properties, to be linked to from each of their hotels' individual websites
  • One shop to showcase all products from across all properties together, to be linked to from the main Unico website
  • One central backend to manage all content, be able to report on sales from across all hotels and assign various access levels to teams in each location

With a clear spec and a committed client team, we were thrilled to build a custom solution to do all that. Within three weeks of initial contact, the solution was in place, content uploaded and formatted, and the shop ready for first sales. We are obviously biased, but to us, it looks spectacular! Please have a look at it here:

The solution is based on the client's domain, yet hosting, payments, security & compliance are managed end-to-end by us. It offers all the usual features, with the added benefit of being fully multi-property, multi-lingual, and multi-currency.

Would you like to find out more? Have a look here to see what we do. Or request a demo, and we'll take care of the rest.