Jeroen van den Berg · Mon, 13 Aug, 2018 - 22:42
Bowl of French Macarons

Now that you have your team engaged in the project, it’s time to think of what kind of experiences and gift vouchers you will want to sell. 

Each hotel we work with is different and the key is to understand what it is about your property that appeals most to your target audience.

Helping hotels define their offering is a part of our service and we will be with you every step of the way. We will also work with you to group your treats into categories and collections to ensure they have maximum visibility online. In the meantime, here are a few tips from our most successful clients:

Make the most of you have

What is it about your hotel that is most attractive to local residents? Perhaps you have an awe-inspiring terrace overlooking the ocean that you could use out of season to organise classic movies screenings with dinner? Or maybe you just hired a local celebrity chef to re-vamp your menu and (s)he can't wait to show off the new tasting menu? Or maybe your Spa just acquired a new, state-of-the-art equipment that no-one in the area has? 

Full price range 

The most successful hotels create treats for all budgets. This typically includes a few high-value treats like dinner + spa + accommodation packages (often purchased by local businesses as corporate gifts or bonuses), but also a few more affordable treats local residents can purchase as gifts for their friends or treats for themselves.

All year round

Some treats will be appealing throughout the year. These typically include Afternoon Tea, Spa treatments & packages, Gourmet Tasting Menu, Sunday Brunch, etc.


Some treats will be particularly popular at certain times of the year. Make sure you create treats like a Dinner & accommodation package or Couple’s Massage available around Valentine’s Day, or a particularly fancy Afternoon Tea or Flower Arrangement Workshop around Mother’s Day.


The platform works great for selling a high volume of tickets. Our clients often organise and use Hotel Treats to sell tickets to events like New Year’s Eve Galas, Open-air Concerts, Re-opening events, Culinary Workshops, Mixology Classes, appearances by local celebrities or motivational speakers.

Amenities for guests

Make sure you create a few treats that can be bought by your guests during their stay, or for your guests by their friends or family. Surely honeymooners staying with you would appreciate a bottle of Champagne sent to their room by their friends? We have seen one of our customers replace a mobile application they had build for guests with an online shop created by Hotel Treats. Guests turned out to prefer buying additional services and experiences online, instead of having to download a mobile app first. 


Hotel Treats can be used to sell physical products too. These typically include hotel bathrobes, towels, slippers, key rings, etc. 

Monetary vouchers 

This is the simplest form of a treat. Your clients will be able to purchase a voucher for any value you allow and it will be redeemable in line with your terms and conditions.


 Photo by Karlis Dambrans on Unsplash