Jeroen van den Berg · 11 Mar, 2021
A year ago, at the very depth of Covid misery, three hotel brands knew the game has changed forever. A completely new approach was needed to save the year, and it was needed fast. Here is their story.
Jeroen van den Berg · 26 Jan, 2021
Cash is King. So when you operate a hotel in the Caribbean, how can you generate more, at a time when international tourists are a little uneasy about jumping on a plane, because of you-know-what? Here's how the team at RCD Hotels managing four Hard Rock Hotels generated over $1M in new revenue over the summer.
Jeroen van den Berg · 25 Jan, 2021
Interesting times call for creative ideas. While the whole hospitality industry holds its breath waiting for international travel to resume, some companies take matters in their own hands. Here is how Iberostar leveraged a Hotel Treats-built online shop to sell open-dated accommodation vouchers during the pandemic.
Jeroen van den Berg · 09 Oct, 2020
This summer has been a wild ride. In hospitality, everything seems to have been turned on its head. So much so, hotels are now beginning to turn their focus away from tourists and towards local residents. Crazy? Not as much as it seems at the first glance.
Jeroen van den Berg · 08 Oct, 2020

Close your eyes....    OK, don't close them just yet. 

A hotel. What comes to mind when you imagine a hotel? (it's OK to close your eyes for a moment now...).

It's most likely things like holiday, summer, time off, pool, room-service, sea... And that's all good. But, in a year that turned everything on its head, hotels came to mean so much more. 

For a few very innovative city hotels we work with, this meant searching high and low for the new meaning in life. 

Jeroen van den Berg · 04 May, 2020
Once the locals can come out and celebrate 'freedom', make sure they celebrate in your restaurants and spa.
Jeroen van den Berg · 04 May, 2020
Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything for hotels and hospitality. Here are a few ways in which hotels respond and keep generating revenues during the crisis.
Jeroen van den Berg · 01 Apr, 2020
Selling gift vouchers is the only way you can generate income during the lockdown. If you manage a hotel, restaurant, spa, or another hospitality business, we will set you up with an eCommerce suite used by luxury hotels worldwide for free.
Jeroen van den Berg · 10 Feb, 2020
Creating an online shop for an individual hotel is a fairly straightforward process. But what if you have multiple properties in various locations, each with their own individual branding? 
Jeroen van den Berg · 11 Sep, 2019
When you manage a luxury hotel you spend every waking hour creating experiences your guests will love. We believe local residents should get to enjoy the unique spaces and experiences you create as much as your guests do. When you open your doors, they will come.
Jeroen van den Berg · 11 Sep, 2019
Some of the hotels we work with initially hesitate to sell experiences and gift vouchers online because they think this is typically the domain of city hotels. So, if your property is slightly off the beaten track, should you just lay down your guns? This is a tale of how your secluded location can actually work in your favour if you play your cards right. 
Jeroen van den Berg · 10 Mar, 2019
The Riviera, Marbella, Barbados. Everyone wants to visit, the lucky few get to stay forever.  Those who choose to make it their permanent home may come from all corners of the world, but they share a few traits. They also tend to flock together - they need to make new friends in the new place. And that's often easiest done in the local Golf Club. So how can you connect with them if you manage a luxury hotel in one of those glamorous, glittering, magical places?
Jeroen van den Berg · 10 Mar, 2019
So, you decided you want to start selling your hotel's ancillary experiences and gift vouchers. Great! How should you go about it? Do you prefer to sell them via your own online shop? Or would you prefer to make them available via a marketplace? And is it an either-or situation at all? Or would you prefer to have your cake and eat it?