Jeroen van den Berg · 04 Mar, 2022

Hotels make the best coworking spaces

Hotels make the best coworking spaces

Close your eyes....    OK, don't close them just yet. 

A hotel. What comes to mind when you imagine a hotel? (it's OK to close your eyes for a moment now...).

It's most likely things like holiday, summer, time off, pool, room-service, sea... And that's all good. But, in a year that turned everything on its head, hotels came to mean so much more. 

For a few very innovative city hotels we work with, this meant searching high and low for the new meaning in life. 

And it turned out what they really are is perfectly flexible & agile spaces. Spaces that can very much still give respite and be relevant while perhaps not being associated with the most common ideas. In short, some of them decided to convert their common areas like lounges, bars, and restaurants to working spaces to be used by those who need to work from home, who find their homes much too distracting... We've all seen the videos of cats and kids invading conference calls. They are very funny to watch, not at all funny to star in...

When you think about it, hotels really are the best coworking spaces there are. Safe, nice quiet music in the background, food & drink on tap all day, looking professional enough to invite clients to... Plus, most of them offer additional services like access to the gym and spa or pool after all the hard work is done. Not at all like the hipster-infested coworking spaces dominating the public image. 

Some of our clients like Hotel Saratoga and Kimpton Vividora already positioned themselves as big players in the market. Do you think your communal spaces or rooms could make good work-from-home sanctuaries in these crazy times? Get in touch with us to see how to make this happen.