Jeroen van den Berg · 01 Apr, 2020

Save your business with gift vouchers for free

Sell hotel, restaurant, spa gift vouchers for free

What a crazy time to work in hospitality! Seems like we have all been plucked out of full-throttle preparations for the new season and thrown into completely unchartered territory. We're all trying to stay positive, stay strong, and agile. Of course. But what can we actually do to keep afloat? 

By a quirk of fate what we do best is pretty much the only thing that can help hospitality businesses in these times. Even those who had to shut down completely. 

Selling gift vouchers is the only way you can generate income during the lockdown. By buying your vouchers now, local residents prop up your cash flow immediately and have an amazing experience to look forward to when we get back to normal. 

We have the tech and the experience to enable any hospitality business to start selling very quickly. And we want to do some good. So, in these crazy times, we decided to share the Hotel Treats magic with any hospitality business for free. 

That's right. If you manage a restaurant, bar, spa, beach club, or any other similar business we will set you up with a cutting-edge eCommerce suite to let you sell gift vouchers & experiences for free. You will need to cover the cost of payment processing only & we will take care of everything else. Selling either via your own website or our marketplace, we will get you online in a blink of an eye. 

See more details and contact us here. Let's do this!