Jeroen van den Berg · 04 Mar, 2022

Iberostar is turning dreams into plans.

Iberostar gift vouchers

Interesting times call for creative ideas. While the whole hospitality industry holds its breath waiting for international travel to resume, some companies take matters in their own hands. 

A stellar example comes from Iberostar. With 120 hotels worldwide and a significant proportion of properties based in touristic areas requiring long-haul flights, it has everything to play for. 

The team expects business to bounce back soon, possibly with a significant premium. With so much pent-up demand it is quite clear tourists will want to get back to sandy beaches as soon as possible. But in the meantime, the question was how to keep revenue coming in for the next few months when travel is still restricted. 

The answer turned out to be by selling open-dated accommodation packages, via a simple, custom online shop. A perfectly straightforward product, redeemable at any Iberostar property once travel restrictions are lifted. It offers future guests promotional room credit, and most importantly, something to look forward to during long, cold winter evenings. At at the same time offering the company cash flow now, when it's needed the most. 

Hotel Treats is best known for creating online shops for luxury hotels to sell experiences to local residents. After all, our motto is "Hotels are not just for tourists". But, in this case, we have been very happy to work with Iberostar to flex the solution in a way that quickly offered an answer to a very urgent problem. 

Would this work for your property too? Contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.