Jeroen van den Berg · 25 Nov, 2022

Sustainability in hospitality goes hand in hand with profit.

How Hotel Treats helps hotels become more sustainable

Sustainability has become a huge subject. For hospitality and the world. Quite rightly so. And we could not be happier to be a part of the solution.

Hotels are looking at a million new ideas for how to cut their emissions, use friendlier cleaning products & processes, and fight against waste. 

Our role is to make it easy for local residents to purchase gift vouchers and experiences in the hotels they live close to. We like to say we open the doors to luxury hotels for local residents & help hotels engage with them. Naturally, helping hotels increase revenues at the same time. 

Here are three ways in which we help make hospitality greener while increasing your profits:

  1. The easier and more attractive we make it for residents to enjoy their local hotels, the less likely they are to jump on the plane to spend a weekend away, generating a huge carbon footprint in the process. We help that happen by ensuring local residents can easily purchase the most fabulous hotel experiences online and enjoy what their own cities have to offer.
  2. The products we sell, such as Spa Access, Brunch, and Pool Day Passes do not generate any additional carbon footprint. Hotel spas, pools and restaurants must be maintained regardless of footfall to keep their 5* status. We merely ensure those resources are put to good use.
  3. Around 65% of vouchers we sell are purchased as gifts. We believe gifting experiences is vastly less resource-hungry than gifting physical items which need to be produced, transported & recycled. Giving a spa treatment has a vastly lower impact on the environment compared to gifting a physical item such as a bag, wallet, or jewellery. 

The hospitality industry has a long way to go to become sustainable. We hope our efforts bring it a little closer to reaching this goal. And we will continue to have this goal guide us in everything we do.