Jeroen van den Berg · 02 Dec, 2022

A thousand corporate gifts for Christmas in one place.

A thousand corporate gifts for Christmas in one place.

Are you looking for gift ideas for your employees and business partners for this Christmas?  You are in good company: more and more corporates buy gifts as part of employee benefits packages, company Christmas gifts, bonuses to celebrate great quarterly results, work anniversaries, and sometimes even retirement. Now that we all work from home, corporate gifts are often also used to make the employees feel appreciated & part of the team, even when the team is spread out in different places. 

So what are the best gift ideas for companies to buy for employees? In the past, they often used to be physical items such as goodie hampers & company merchandise. But nowadays, companies tend to go for experiential gifts: instead of physical gifts, company gifts are more likely to be luxury experiences for employees to enjoy with their loved ones. They include gourmet dining, tasting menus at Michelin star restaurants, award-winning spa experiences and getaways to luxury hotels. They are typically gifts for two, meaning the employee gets to enjoy them with a partner - it's always good to make your employee's partner feel they are a part of the team too!

Websites such as make it incredibly easy to buy corporate gifts online. They are a collection of experiences offered by luxury hotels, that companies can buy as beautiful vouchers and deliver via email or in a gift box. Experiences include a range of gifts with a price for any budget, also for teams that are scattered in various locations across Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe. Best of all, they are perfectly flexible and can be used whenever the employee prefers, over a year or even longer. 

Some say the best corporate gifts are those that employees can choose for themselves. Here comes in handy too, offering a monetary gift card that each employee can use to book any experience available on the website, depending on their own preference. 

Regardless of which experience you or they choose, you will be able to rest assured they will have a time of their life. Each experience available on is provided by a vetted, carefully selected 5* hotel, whose staff know exactly how to pamper your employee and make them feel as appreciated as they should be.