Jeroen van den Berg · 04 mar, 2022

Hotel Treats integrates with Quicktext to increase your direct bookings.


As a Hotel Treats client, you already know how much there is to be gained by selling your gift vouchers and experiences online. Whether you are selling them via our marketplace, or your branded online shop we created for you, you have seen the additional revenue coming in. If you are not our customer yet, here's a quick case study to give you an idea of the numbers.

Still, having your online shop created by Hotel Treats doesn't sell vouchers by itself. There's a whole host of marketing tips and tricks we share with our clients to make sure their online shops are firing on all cylinders. 

The very first thing we advise is to make sure your new online shop is linked to your website & clearly visible in the menu, allowing local residents to navigate to it in one click. 

Now we are making it even easier for your locals to find & buy experiences on your website. To do this, we have partnered up with Quicktext - the preeminent AI-powered chatbot provider, dedicated specifically to the hospitality industry. Their hotel chatbot called Velma speaks like a true native and helps customers find answers to their questions, book rooms and buy gift vouchers in 22 languages for more than 1000 hotels & groups in 67 countries. Velma is able to handle and automate guest interactions through live chat on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. All in an effort to help you reduce operational costs, increase direct bookings and deliver instant guest service. On average, hotels using Quicktext automate 80% of guest requests, increase direct sales revenues by 9%, and offer instant responses to their customers, within three months of implementation.

Our integration means all visitors to your website will be able to navigate to the services that interest them even easier. Now, when they come to your website, they will be able to chat with Velma about the experiences you offer and get her recommendations for gift vouchers to buy (plus all your other services and room bookings of course!).  

Interested? Contact us to find out more.