Jeroen van den Berg · 11 Set, 2019

How to sell 2000 Christmas events tickets (keeping your cool all the way)

The front of El Palace Hotel Barcelona

Christmas is all fun and games… unless you have a guest list of 2000. Which is often the case when you are managing a luxury hotel, known for throwing fabulous Christmas & New Year’s events. Then, it’s all planning, obsessing about the details, and flawless execution. 

This is the challenge that El Palace Hotel Barcelona has tackled for the past 100 years. El Palace needs no introduction: founded in 1919, it’s one of the (if not ‘the’) most iconic hotels in the city, absolutely legendary for dazzling events over the festive season. 

As you can imagine, staying on top of the guest list and selling tickets to events is a headache the team would be glad to do without. So this year they asked us to create an online shop for them to automate the process and take the pain away. Here is the effect

The online shop means:

  • Event tickets can be purchased 24/7, clients don’t need to come to the hotel or call to make the reservation
  • Purchases are processed securely, clients don’t need to leave their credit card details at the Reception
  • The team is free to add value, they are not tied to the phone taking orders
  • All purchases can be tracked in a cloud-based backend system, supporting reporting and redemption process
  • Stock control is automated: once tickets are sold out, they can no longer be purchased
  • A lot of event tickets were purchased as Christmas gifts and delivered via email, on a beautifully designed voucher  

Naturally, after Christmas & NYE the shop will continue and will sell El Palace experiences and gift vouchers. Until then, we are very happy to have been able to help the team bring the magic of Christmas to life again. 

Does an online shop sound like something you would like to try? Have a look here to see what we do. Or request a demo, and we'll take care of the rest. 


Picture by El Palace Hotel Barcelona.