Jeroen van den Berg · 11 Sep, 2019

How Iberostar turns local residents into ambassadors

String lights curtain hanging from a high ceiling

When you manage a luxury hotel you spend every waking hour creating experiences your guests will love. You make sure your bar, restaurants, and spa are second to none and your team eagerly awaits the opportunity to dazzle your guests. Sadly, chances are, all your guests want to do is venture out and explore the bars and restaurants outside of the hotel, recommended by their friends. Which leaves your restaurants quiet and your team’s creative talents a little wasted. 

But do not fret, we have some very good news. There is about a million potential customers living on your doorstep who would like nothing more than to experience what you have prepared for your guests. It’s very easy to forget about them. Local residents may never stay at the hotel, but they would sure love to pop in for a dinner, Sunday brunch or one of your spa treatments. 

We believe local residents should get to enjoy the unique spaces and experiences you create as much as your guests do. When you open your doors, they will come. Smart hotels know this and they hire us to make it easy for local residents to browse and buy their experiences. 

A great example comes from the new Iberostar Grand Portals Nous. A brand new property designed by Marcel Wanders, set directly on the lush coast in the South of Mallorca. The management team decided to play to its strengths, asked us to create an online shop where local residents can easily buy hotel experiences and turn them into ambassadors for the hotel and the brand. 

It’s very simple: local residents buy treats for themselves or as gifts for friends. While enjoying their treat (gourmet tasting menu, afternoon tea, spa day, etc.) they take pictures and they post them on their social media. Their friends typically follow, and want to experience what you offer for themselves. And there’s more: while at the hotel, local residents get to see your facilities up close. Guess which hotel they will think of first the next time they need a conference or a wedding venue? Who will they think of first the next time they need to recommend a hotel to a business partner?

This is how local residents can provide advertising in the best possible form: natural, organic and free. Actually, better than free. Remember you are generating more revenue by selling treats in the first place.

Does this sound like something you would like to try? Have a look here to see what we do. Or request a demo, and we'll take care of the rest. 


Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash