Liza Yakovleva · 14 Sep, 2022

5 Practical Tips for Your Summer Abroad

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Summers are not for binge-watching your favourite shows but soaking in the sun. Spend your sunny days learning a new culture, making new international buddies, or learning a new language. You can get these unique experiences by spending your summer abroad. You could even spend your summer working on your international work experience. You need to thrust out your mind to a whole new location, new culture, and tasty cuisines. Summers and adventures work cooperatively together.  

While it’s easy to decide to take your adventures abroad, it’s not easy to get fully prepared for your trip and stay in a different country. The guide will give you some of the practical tips you can use to prepare and enjoy an adventure-filled summer. 

Prepare the Mind

You’ll need to research your summer haven before rushing to book an airline ticket. Deduce whether you need an entry permit or a tourist visa to visit your chosen summer destination. People often assume that entry and tourist visas are the same. An entry visa permits you to set your foot in a specific country. A tourist visa allows you to access and explore a country. Some countries often require an entry visa attached to a tourist visa to visit and tour them.

If you intend on visiting a destination that requires both an entry and tourist visa, you’ll need to get the tourist visa months before the trip. You’ll apply for the entry permit a few days before you enter that particular country. If you are not traveling abroad you can enjoy a relaxing day pass or a romantic getaway in a luxury hotel close to you and book the experience on a premium hotel.

Also, research the places you plan to visit. Garner more information about your destination, their culture, response towards tourists, the dos and don’ts you’ll need to adhere to, and the adventurous things you can do while there. Learn about the weather and outfits that match the weather patterns. Get to know about their currency and how you can save some coins.

Also, find out what types of vaccines you’ll need to prevent getting sick while enjoying your summer abroad. 

Check Off the Packing List

Once you get all the necessary information, it’s time to check off your packing list. Check whether you’ve packed all your documents, supplements, credit cards, and appropriate outfit. Carry a few things and buy clothes while there instead of packing lots of clothes you may not need. Save the space for your equipment and gadgets. Also, don’t carry all your bank cards. You’ll end up consuming all your savings or credit.

Get a Phone Plan

You’ll need to talk to your family and friends throughout the summer. Also, you’ll need to feed your social media platforms with riveting content. You’ll also need to navigate and reach out for services while abroad. All this will be possible and affordable if you get a plan that offers international roaming before getting onto your plane. It’s not advisable to rely only on the WiFi provided by local restaurants or cafes while vacationing abroad.

You should have a steady backup to send a crucial text or make an important call. Therefore, if you don’t plan on updating or changing your phone, think of getting sim-only deals. Consider sim-only deals that are inclusive of international roaming to avoid a hefty phone bill.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will shield you from all the risks that may crop up as you travel. You may opt for a medical/accident, personal liability, loss of passport, flight cancellation, flight delays, or loss of luggage cover. You can also get a comprehensive cover.

Travel insurance will shoulder all the anxiety that comes with traveling. You’ll get to enjoy your summer abroad without worrying about medical or unplanned extra traveling costs.

Keep Your Bank in the Know

Notify your credit company that you’ll be traveling and using your card to buy services abroad. You don’t have to let them cancel your card because of unnotified overseas charges. Remember, abnormal activities may trigger your bank’s fraud detection system.

Final Thoughts

Spending your summer abroad allows you to experience unique cultures, foods, and languages. However, you’ll need to fully prepare for the trip and your time there for a hassle-free summer. You should know what to expect when you reach your destination. Do your research, update all the documentation needed, set a budget, and notify your bank before using your card to buy services while abroad. The tips listed above will help you get ready for your summer abroad. But the most important thing is to enjoy and fully immerse yourself in the new experiences.