Jeroen van den Berg · 22 Sep, 2020
Mallorca may not be as well known as some of the other wine-making regions of Spain. Granted, between La Rioja, Priorat DOQ and Ribera del Duero DO, the competition is fierce. But considering the climate (3,000 hours of sunshine per year), the geography (proximity of the sea) and the geology (limestone and clay making for a slightly alkaline acidity and great drainage) it would be rude not to appreciate the artisan wineries in Mallorca. If you want to dive into the personal, unique stories of origin, and if you want to taste the wines your neighbours have not tasted yet, this is the place to be.
Jeroen van den Berg · 31 Aug, 2020
With its prime position in the glittering Mediterranean and ever-growing popularity amongst celebrities, tech moguls and the rich and the famous, Mallorca has established a position as the port of choice for the worlds most fabulous megayachts. The island builds on its reputation and invests further in creating state-of-the-art facilities and booming service industry around them. Even if you don't yet own a magnificent boat, make sure you include a trip to one of the marinas in Mallorca to get your fix of yacht-spotting!
Jeroen van den Berg · 28 Aug, 2020
Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, Sting, Jamie Oliver, Paris Hilton, Goldie Hawn, Sir Richard Branson... Other than their A-list celebrity status, what else do they have in common? They can all be spotted holidaying in Mallorca!
Jeroen van den Berg · 26 Aug, 2020
From time to time, we could all use a break. Not a full-on holiday, just a quick little pause in our day-to-day. A little time just to ourselves when we can relax, take stock and recharge. That's exactly what Day Passes are for. We hear the term 'Day Pass' more and more often these days. So what is it and how can you make the most of it?
Jeroen van den Berg · 26 Aug, 2020

Chances are you already know Mallorca quite well. You've bathed in the turquoise waters, snorkelled to your heart's content & saw the breathtaking sunsets. Now is the time to discover more. In this and following blogs we will show you Mallorca like you've never seen before. The Mallorca that's usually only revealing itself to the local residents, the sights & sounds that are normally only shared with the locals. 

Liza Yakovleva · 19 Aug, 2020

The summer is in full swing in Mallorca and the beaches are getting more and more crowded. Escape from the crowd and enjoy a relaxing day by the pool in some of the most luxurious hotels on the island. Get the vouchers for the Pool Day Pass in Mallorca and spend the day enjoying the luxury.  You can reserve you Hotel Day Pass on Hotel Treats.

Liza Yakovleva · 17 Aug, 2020

The summer in Mallorca is in full swing, which means there can't be too many places on the island to escape and lay back. With pools and beaches full of sun bathing tourists, you might want to search for an alternative solution to get that tan. Just look up and you'll be surprised! Hotel Treats has selected a few attractive Sky Bars with fascinating views, located on the roof tops of luxury hotels, which are true hidden jems.

Liza Yakovleva · 17 Aug, 2020

Looking to start a day with a healthy, freshly-made breakfast while enjoying fascinating views of Mallorca? Hotel Treats has prepared a Top 5 Breakfasts with a view list in the best high-end hotels of the island.

Jeroen van den Berg · 14 Aug, 2020
If you have ever been to Mallorca, you will know it's absolutely picture-perfect. But you may not realise it's also movie-perfect!
Liza Yakovleva · 10 Aug, 2020

Mallorca is a gorgeous island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with more than 250 beaches surrounding it. If you are only visiting Mallorca for a few days, of course, it is impossible to check out all of them. We have made the job easy for you and selected the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca that are very popular among locals. Take a look at our selection of the 5 “must-see” beaches in Mallorca, and why you must see them.

Jeroen van den Berg · 10 Aug, 2020

Ever since the pandemic started all that the tourism industry is talking about is 'staycation'. So what is it and how can we make the most of it? 

It's not a new concept at all. Actually, you may have 'staycationed' a hundred of times already without realising. Quite simply, it's an idea of taking a quick break from your routine, by enjoying what your own city or area has to offer without travelling too far. Becoming a tourist in your own town. 

Jeroen van den Berg · 09 Aug, 2020

With the stunning beaches, breathtaking mountains and plenty of World Heritage sites to keep everyone happy, Spain is very rightly one of the biggest tourist magnets in the world. So much so, in 2019 Spain was the 2nd most popular destination in the World, with over 83 million tourists, securing 2.6 million local jobs and contributing about 11% of the Spanish GDP.

Liza Yakovleva · 30 Jul, 2020

Surprise your mom with a present that she truly deserves for Mother's Day. Let her spend a relaxing day in one of the best Spa's in Mallorca with a personalized treatment or enjoy a romantic dinner with most amazing views of the island. Check out the special packages we have gathered from the top luxury hotels and buy them as a gift for the woman that you love the most.

Liza Yakovleva · 03 Mar, 2020

Surprise your dad with a present that he truly deserves for Father's Day. Let him spend a relaxing day in one of the best Spa's in Mallorca with a personalized treatment or enjoy a romantic dinner with most amazing views of the island. Check out the special packages we have gathered from the top luxury hotels and buy them as a gift for the man that you love the most.

Liza Yakovleva · 14 Jan, 2020

Looking for a romantic gift on Valentine's Day? Surprise your loved one with an unforgettable experience which you can enjoy together. Hotel Treats has created a list of memorable gift ideas for Valentine's Day in Barcelona.


Liza Yakovleva · 14 Jan, 2020

Struggling to come up with a special surprise for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Hotel Treats has done the hustle for you and gathered together the most romantic gift ideas for Valentine's Day. Instead of the typical flowers and chocolates, we suggest you to embark upon a truly romantic experience for couples in some of the most exclusive hotels in Mallorca.

Liza Yakovleva · 13 Jan, 2020

Do you need to relax and disconnect? Do not look any further! Discover our selection of Spa & Massage packages at the best 5 star hotels in Mallorca. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

The vouchers can be purchased for personal use or as a gift. Simply choose the design you want, write a personalized gift message and buy the voucher online instantly!

Liza Yakovleva · 13 Jan, 2020

Searching for a perfect place to have a healthy breakfast in Barcelona? Look no more, because Hotel Treats has gathered together the best hotels that offer delicious breakfast every morning, serving only fresh products in a buffet style. You do not have to stay at a 5-star hotel anymore in order to enjoy a luxury experience within its premises.

Liza Yakovleva · 13 Jan, 2020

Sunday noon, live music, bright Mediterranean sun, unlimited coffee and cava, all that sums up to Brunch - the hottest trend in Mallorca. What could be a better way to spend your day off than in an a fun atmosphere with friends and family, while savouring delicious food combined with endless drinks? There is no need to wake up early in order to enjoy a fresh avocado toast with Eggs Benedict. Besides, no one will judge you for sipping a glass of icy cava at noon.