Liza Yakovleva · 02 Dec, 2022

Best Gifts From Madrid to Bring to Your Loved Ones

gifts in madrid

Buying gifts or souvenirs for your loved ones when you visit new places in the world, would show that you are caring and thoughtful of them. People love to have things from around the world, even if it’s something that they have in their city as well. It makes us feel more connected with that place, even if it wasn’t us who visited. Bringing gifts when you are traveling, means that you thought about them while you were away and that you care enough about them to take time out of your vacation to buy them gifts.


Madrid is one of the most amazing cities, varied, and colorful cities in Spain. It is known for its historical buildings, contemporary art museums, and bustling nightlife. Madrid is known as a city of joy and life. One of the top things you can do there besides visiting beautiful places is shopping. The bad thing about Madrid is that you can’t manage to visit all these gorgeous historical places in one day, but if you’re into shopping that would be easier. The high points of Madrid are close to one another and the streets are packed with small designer boutiques and large shopping malls. So, you might consider bringing an extra suitcase.


Best Things to Buy in Madrid

Buying souvenirs when you travel is always a fair game. You don’t have to be afraid if the person is not going to like it, as it is a gift that it’s not based on their preferences. Might freely put it that souvenirs are the simplest gifts you can buy. I believe souvenirs are gifts you want to buy for people whom you don’t really know that well personally but still want to show your gratitude towards them. Visiting a fashionable place like Paris, Santorini, Milan or Madrid you definitely want to buy a fashion item as a gift. Madrid is known as one of the most fashionable capitals on the international scene. One great place to stay in Madrid is Hotel Treats .What better gift for your loved one, than seeing them wearing something you bought?


1.         One of the best things to buy in Madrid or all over Spain is The Espadrille or alpargatas. They are these original Spanish flat shoes that are worn by many women in Spain and Europe. What characterizes these flats is their flexible sole of esparto rope.


2.       If you don’t know what to buy for your mother or mother-in-law while visiting Madrid, you might consider buying their famous The Manton de Manila or Manila Shawl. They are usually made of silk and decorated with colorful birds and animals, richly embroidered with silk yarn.


3.       For someone who loves a gift pack; combining a colorful hand fan, which is something that has been around Spain since the 18th century with a Majorca pearl bracelet and a Swiss-made watch might be the perfect gift for your loved one. Personalized gifts might be one of the best ones. And who wouldn’t love a packet full of accessories


4.       Speaking of personalized gifts, creating a gift basket with the favorite things you have tried while you were visiting Madrid, might be another perfect gift. You can use this gift to go out on a date with your partner, somewhere with a nice view and definitely somewhere you can watch the sunset together. In the gift basket, add a bottle of red wine because they are considered the heart and soul of the Madrid lifestyle. Buy some strawberries or bananas, and dip them in chocolate a la taze which is something similar to hot chocolate, but thicker. Campo olives are a major hit in Madrid and are something that visitors always try and buy first for their loved ones. Don’t forget Spanish spices, especially Saffron.



Buying gifts for your friends and family while visiting Madrid, is a really fun thing to do because they are really easy to locate. It is easy to buy presents in a place that is considered one of the best capitals of art, plus the prices are less expensive than in most European cities. You won’t have a problem buying gifts in Madrid because it is the crème de la crème of international designers. You will have a cultural experience that will allow you to explore the material and traditional heritage of Spain.