Jeroen van den Berg · 27 Oct, 2021


Best golf deals on

Golf has a way of taking over the lives of those who try it.

It starts slowly, just one innocent Saturday outing with a friend who can’t stop talking about it. Then madness follows. The new terminology, the clubs, the gadgets, the rankings, the tournaments, and soon you wish you could spend every waking hour living and breathing golf!

It was similar for us at Hotel Treats. The luxury hotels we work with operate or are associated with some of the best golf courses in Spain. They include the likes of Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Golf Club Peralada, PGA Catalunya, and Villa Padierna Golf Club.

We have always enjoyed listing their products. It started slowly, with just a few green fees available here and there. But then, we started getting offers for golf getaways, pro golf lessons, 3D technical golf swing analysis and other fabulous golf experiences. At that point, we decided golf is too important to be just a mere part of Hotel Treats. It deserves its own realm to rule!

And so we created A universe where golf is the law of the land and true obsessives can feel at home. Also, a great place to find gifts for all golf lovers, full of fabulous offers from the best golf courses in Spain. Happy hunting!