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Top movies filmed in Mallorca recently

Movies shot in Mallorca

If you have ever been to Mallorca, you will know it's absolutely picture-perfect. But you may not realise it's also movie-perfect! So much so, it was recently awarded the Annual Location Managers Guild Award for the best location to film a movie in the world. And it's easy to understand why. The island is incredibly versatile - with the Tramuntana Mountains, dramatic shoreline, cosmopolitan Palma, historic towns and villages all pretty much within an hour's drive. It also helps it's only a short flight away from anywhere in Europe and it has one of the highest density of 5* hotels in the world: all the infrastructure you may possibly need when filming your next blockbuster.

Here are our favourite productions filmed in Mallorca recently. Make sure you visit them on your next trip and maybe even recreate some of the scenes?

The Night Manager (2016)

A thrilling 6-episode adaptation of the excellent novel by John le Carré. Produced by the BBC it was 'the' thing to watch in 2016 and it genuinely revived the hype of Mallorca in the UK and beyond.  
It mixed the familiar with the novel: on one hand, it featured Port de Pollensa, which is very well known to holiday-makers, but on the other, it showed parts of the island that are quite off the beaten track. Including the Deia beach which is often overlooked by those visiting Deia the town and obviously La Fortaleza and one of the most valuable properties in Spain, which fittingly served as Hugh Laurie character's base.
The island also got to 'act' a little - several locations in Palma such as  Café Moderno in Plaça de Santa Eulàlia and the Sadrassana restaurant in Plaça de Drassanes got to stand in for Madrid!

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Me Before You (2016)

Another production that made the most of the gem that is Port de Pollensa & the nearby Formentor peninsula. But, this one comes with a twist!

The movie starring the 'Mother of Dragons' (that would be Emilia Clark obviously) sees the main characters jet off on a luxury getaway to 'Mauritius'... But it looks like filming the scenes much closer to home won out and the role of 'Mauritius' was actually graciously played by Mallorca, specifically Cap Formentor!

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Cloud Atlas (2011)

A whirlwind fantasy playing with the concept of time and space was by far the biggest production fo film in Mallorca. An all-star cast including Tom Hanks, Halle Berry or Susan Sarandon Hugh Grant, and Ben Whishaw had the Islanders on their toes! Directed by the Wachowski brothers of "The Matrix" fame it made the most of the out-of-this-world landscapes of the Tramuntana Mountains.

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The Hustle (2019)

Whatever The Hustle missed in terms of depth and critical acclaim compared to the other movies on our list, it sure does make up for in pure, unadulterated fun!

A perfect chick-flick is a sight for sore eyes. From the cars to the gowns to the spectacular sea views, and stunning hotel rooms it's just a joy to watch.

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Photo by Markus Voetter on Unsplash