Jeroen van den Berg · 26 Jul, 2022

Staycation - what is it and how to make the most of it now!

What is Staycation

Ever since the pandemic started all that the tourism industry is talking about is 'staycation'. So what is it and how can we make the most of it? 

It's not a new concept at all. Actually, you may have 'staycationed' a hundred of times already without realising. Quite simply, it's an idea of taking a quick break from your routine, by enjoying what your own city or area has to offer without travelling too far. Becoming a tourist in your own town. 

When you think about it, it’s the long haul holidays and short city breaks that are the novel concepts. Taking a picnic basket to a lake only locals know, or taking going for a day-long hike in the mountains just outside of town are not! 

But, as we could all do with a little cheering up right now, we want to take staycation to the next level. We aim for a full-on tourist experience which could involve staying overnight in one of the hotels in your area. It could look a little bit like this: 

8:00: Leisurely wakeup & breakfast at your own home

10:00: Drop the kids off at their grandparents' and/or drop your overnight bag at the hotel that is an absolute icon of your area

11:00: Take a guided tour of the historic centre of your town. It's incredible, how many native Barcelonians have never been to the Sagrada Familia and how many Parisians have not climbed the Eiffel Tower! Let's change this! There are plenty of free tours, but do tip your guide generously.

13:30: Lunch in a restaurant you have always wanted to visit, but never had a chance

15:30: Back at the hotel. Take a dip in the pool, check out the spa, lounge on the terrace with a book you always meant to read but never had the time

19:00: Get yourself dinner-ready: hair, makeup, and the outfit reserved for special occasions. Tonight is one of them!

20:30: Dinner. Go down to the hotel restaurant if you enjoy people watching and being seen. Or, order the fanciest room service dinner of your life and have it set up on your terrace. Sip Champagne and watch the sun go down on a place you have never seen like this before. 

Sounds good, doesn't it? Such an accommodation package or getaway for local residents is the 'maximum' option. It could be easily scaled back and as simple as getting a Day Pass to one of the hotels nearby, where you can use all facilities like the pool and spa for the day, and then come back home for the night. 

It's clear we will stop travelling as much as we used to - either because of official lockdowns, or just our own anxiety over jumping on a plane with 300 people who may happen to be asymptomatic at the time. 

But, that does not mean we have to settle for boring and uninspiring. It's clear why hoteliers are excited about staycation too - as they expect the influx of tourists to dwindle down, they start prioritising and creating amazing offers for local residents.

Now is the perfect time to make the most of them and appreciating where you live in a completely new way. Plus, if you need more convincing, staycation will do a world of good to the environment too!

Here you can have a look at the best staycation offers in Spain. From luxury hotel day passes to accommodation package offers for local residents only, there are fantastic deals to be had: