Jeroen van den Berg · 13 Jun, 2022

What is a Day Pass and how can you make the most of it?

Day Pass voucher

From time to time, we could all use a break. Not a full-on holiday, just a quick little pause in our day-to-day. A little time just to ourselves when we can relax, take stock and recharge. That's exactly what Day Passes are for. We hear the term 'Day Pass' more and more often these days. So what is it and how can you make the most of it?

Quite simply, a 'Day Pass' is your ticket to spend a day at a luxury hotel, enjoying all the facilities like the spa, sauna & swimming pool that are usually only available to guests. In this case, you become a day-guest and while you are not going to spend the night at the hotel, a Day Pass gives you access to all areas for the day. 

So how can you make the most of it? First of all, there are some fantastic deals to be had these days! Hotels are struggling to fill rooms during the pandemic, so they do their best to put their facilities to good use instead and often open them up to locals. Hoteliers try to outdo one another creating Day Pass offers specifically for local residents to enjoy, so keep an eye out for packages that include complimentary drinks, attractively priced dining options as well as massages and other extras. 

Since you can expect to get a very good deal these days, we recommend checking out the most luxurious hotels in your area first - it's the perfect time to treat yourself especially as the prices will be lower than usual.


Once you decide on the hotel and purchase your Day Pass voucher, it's time to get planning. Make sure you have a good look at the T&Cs of your Day Pass - these may vary when it comes to the days you can use them (typically Monday - Friday or Saturday - Sunday), hours, validity, and the additional services that will be provided. 

To decide which day you want to use your Day Pass, make sure you have a good look at the hotel's website first, to see what facilities and activities they offer. Very often hotels host additional activities such as cooking classes, cheese tasting, and special events for kids - it's definitely a good idea to call the hotel ahead of booking to see what's on the agenda and decide the day you want to go based on this. 

Check if there are any reoccurring activities like Pool Zumba classes or afternoon yoga and meditation. As a day guest, you should very much be eligible to attend. Or at the very least you should be aware of them before you make yourself comfortable only to discover a loud fitness class is about to start in the place you chose.

If you have kids and plan on taking them with you, find out if the hotel has a kids' club they can enjoy while you lounge and relax. 

What to bring?

Make sure you bring the things you would usually bring to a hotel for your regular holiday. Beach or pool towels will be provided and the shower rooms typically offer basic cosmetics like shampoo and shower gel. But do bring everything else to make yourself comfortable: sunscreen, sunglasses, a book you've meant to read for ages, etc. There should be ample storage for you to use, but ask the hotel if they offer lockers (most likely to be found in the hotel spa), or if you can use the luggage storage at Reception. 

Here at Hotel Treats, we like to aim for a full 'tourist in your own town' experience. So on the day, we would recommend travelling to the hotel by taxi - it won't cost much, but will give you an extra 'touristy' start to the day!

To see what else to expect, you may want to have a look at our selection of Day Pass vouchers in Spain to buy here. Wherever you decide to go, we hope you have a wonderful time!