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Wineries of Mallorca

Wineries of Mallorca

Mallorca may not be as well known as some of the other wine-making regions of Spain. Granted, between La Rioja, Priorat DOQ and Ribera del Duero DO, the competition is fierce. But considering the climate (3,000 hours of sunshine per year), the geography (proximity of the sea) and the geology (limestone and clay making for a slightly alkaline acidity and great drainage) it would be rude not to appreciate the artisan wineries in Mallorca. If you want to dive into the personal, unique stories of origin, and if you want to taste the wines your neighbours have not tasted yet, this is the place to be.

Here is our completely subjective rundown of the best wineries (Bodegas) in Mallorca.

Bodega Ribas

Located in Consell, in the heart of Mallorca, Bodega Ribas is a family-run estate which has been in business for the past 300 years. With 40 hectares of vineyards, it's known as one the oldest plantations on the island and boasts the widest diversity of native grape varieties. These include Mantonegro and Prensal, but also Gargollasa, which used to be practically extinct before being brought back to life by the Bodega. Gargollasa now complements the more mainstream varieties, making for very special blends indeed.

The owners go out of the way to spread the word and make any visitor feel welcome. There are plenty of options to experience all that the winery has to offer. Starting with a 1-hour Winery tour and wine tasting (€18), through a full-blown 4-hour Gourmet Experience at €81. In the summer there are also plenty of concerts and other events taking place so please check their website regularly.

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Bodega Son Vives

On the most dramatic part of the Mallorcan coast, tucked right between the glittering Meditteranean and the Tramuntana lies this gem of a winery. Not as ancient as some of the other ones on the island (it started operating in 1986), it was however created with the sole purpose of reviving Malvasía de Banyalbufar - an ancient grape variety present on this land since at least the XVIth century.

With panoramic terraces and an absolutely unbeatable location overlooking the sea, it truly is a treat for all senses. And the owners know how to put these assets to best use - other than regular private tours and wine tastings, they also organise 'Sunset Tastings' each Friday and Saturday in the summer. Accompanied by tapas or a full meal they truly are a blissful way to welcome the weekend. To book your spot, please contact the Bodega via their website directly.

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Bodegas Son Puig

If something dates back to 1597, it has to be doing something right! Bodegas Son Puig produces a limited number of bottles each year, exclusively made of grapes harvested on its land. The varieties include the indigenous Prensal & Callet as well as, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo.

The owners always take the time to connect and inspire you to deepen your knowledge of the subject and help you understand how the location and climate impact the outcome of the harvest. Book your tour directly online as there are no pre-planned tour dates.

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Bodega Finca Son Sureda Ric

Son Sureda Ric estate will transport you in time.
Visit the estate on one of their exclusive tours, accompanied by a tasting of its signature organic wines and typical Majorcan foods. You will be invited to see organic farming and livestock in a traditional historical setting guided by the winemaker. The visit will take you to see the vineyards, production rooms, ageing room, chapel, 15th-century portal, an old farmhouse, self-sufficient crops, Majorcan Porc Negre and sheep. 

Bodegas Vi Rei

Claims to be the most beautiful winery in Mallorca and we do see why. It also seems to be one of the biggest and most technologically advanced.
85 hectares of vines have been planted mainly in 2012 under the expert eye of Ignacio de Miguel. The plans are a mix of international varieties with an addition of the indigenous: Premsal Blanc, Giro Ros, Mantonegro, and Callet.

Vi Rei benefits from a very specific microclimate owing to the proximity of the sea and equally specific geology and limecsale-rich soil. The owners make the most of these conditions by manual processing, from pruning to harvest.

The wines are aged in French oak barrels and then later bottled on-site - each being limited and numbered.

Again, the owners go out of their way to welcome visitors, offering a range of tours and experiences throughout the year. Make sure to have a look at the details here and book online.

Once you fall in love with the winery & the wine, fret not that you will have to do without it when back home. They actually do deliver and deliveries are free of charge on all orders over 150 Euro.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.